Richard Montcalm grew up in Timmins, Ontario, playing competitive hockey until he was 22 years old. Playing this most Canadian of team sports, Richard developed a commitment to working together with his team mates to achieve results. For most of his formative years, his dedication to perfecting his skating ability, building physical strength, developing aerobic conditioning, tuning his “hockey sense” (the ability to project and anticipate future outcomes based on current conditions), and perhaps most importantly, cultivating a deep commitment to setting aside his ego to sacrifice for the team by doing the less-glamorous tasks, such as filling defensive gaps in his zone, competing for loose pucks along the boards and passing to open teammates, contributed to his growth and evolution as a well-rounded and valuable team player.

Later, with juvenile dreams of playing for the NHL behind him, Richard’s career path led him to explore running a record company, promoting the creative efforts of others. Investing in a professional design education created opportunities for him to work as a team member in a variety of creative agencies. He found his personal strength in collaboration, focused on doing it “for the team.” Working well with others became a matter of intense personal pride. The ability to set aside his ego and give his attention to what was best for the project goals at hand made him an invaluable member of every creative project team to which he contributed. His desire to work with other team members to give everyone space to shine eventually put him in a position to lead creative teams at several major retailers before striking out on his own to build the IROIRO Creative studio.

Mychol Scully is another Northern boy, born in Ansonville, Ontario, living formative years in Sudbury and experiencing his teen years in Val Caron. A geek and a nerd from an early age, Mychol was a solitary kid, immersed in science and science fiction for most of his youth.

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