Price matters. How much does it cost?

priceEvery project is unique. No cookie cutter sites. No tweaked templates. No fixed price solutions.
“Brand First” drives our process. Every project must include some conversation about who and what your product(s) or service(s) are. Sometimes this is obvious. Sometimes what you think you’re selling isn’t actually what you’re selling. Our Brand First assessment process helps us (and you) figure this out.

Every project needs some discussion about Strategy. Why a website? Why THIS website? How will we know it’s working? The answers to these question give us direction when developing your project’s design.

Although we might be building “just a website” for you, we work hard to make sure that colours, text styles and graphic elements are multi-purpose. So when you look at creating new business cards, or printing new stationery, or building a booth for a trade show, the design solutions we offer work across a variety of applications.

That being said, a website project can range from $3,500 for an informational (“brochure”) site to $15,000 or more, depending on what we figure out together is the functionality you need. To learn more about how a website project gets priced, contact us for a no-obligation conversation.